Share a Night

 Keeping Families Close … $15 at a Time.

You’ve heard us say this before, and it’s the reality we face each day. More than 95 percent of our families are unable to pay for their stay in our House. We never turn them away for their inability to pay. We can’t imagine the mounting medical bills – and they shouldn’t have to worry about where they’ll sleep at night while seeking treatment for their critically ill child.

That’s why we’re raising funds this summer to cover the costs of families staying at our House for the RMHC of Nashville Share a Night program. For a small $15 donation, you can support our mission of Keeping Families Close during their stay.

Our goal is simple: Encourage 500 people to donate $15 through Aug. 28 to “Share a Night” with one of our families staying at our House by covering the costs of 500 room nights.

You can donate online, by phone or by check.

What does it mean to “Share a Night?”

Your $15 donation will cover the cost of a family’s lodging at our House for one night. You’ll give them a place to rest, a bed to sleep in and a warm meal amid the chaos they’re experiencing with a critically ill child. More information about the Share a Night program is available here.

What will my $15 cover?

We ask families staying with us each night to pay $15 to cover their expenses for a bedroom, private bathroom, food and laundry facilities. 

What is the actual cost for a family staying at the Ronald McDonald House?

We estimate the true cost for a family staying with us is $83 per night. Our household expenses are just like those of any other house; but we have 32 bedrooms, 37 bathrooms, eight dishwashers, 10 washers, 10 dryers. Our electricity and water bills are steep, just as you would imagine.

The actual cost of $83 per night may not seem too high, but the total cost for 365 nights in our 32 bedrooms amounts to $969,440.

How many families stay at the Nashville Ronald McDonald House each year?

In 2014, we served nearly 600 families in our House and were full every night of the year.

How can I donate to the $15 in ’15 fundraising campaign?

You can donate and support our goal of Keeping Families Close in one of three ways:

  • Online here.
  • By calling (615) 343-4000.
  • Or by mailing your donation to RMHC of Nashville, 2144 Fairfax Ave., Nashville, TN 37212.

Interested in covering more than one night?


  • $105 provides one week’s stay in one of our 32 bedrooms
  • $420 provides one month’s stay in one of our 32 bedrooms
  • $5,475 provides one year’s stay in one of our 32 bedrooms


Keeping Families Close … $15 at a Time.